Boost biomass growth in nutritionally poor wastewater with additives


BioAid™ 5105 - Nitrogen and phosphorous source
BioAid™ 5105 is a balanced source of nitrogen and phosphorus in a form that is readily available to bacteria. In nutrient-limited wastewater streams, BioAid™ 5105 can make the difference between meeting and not meeting a plant’s treatment goals as well as making plant operations easier.

BioAid™ 5405 - Biomass growth booster
BioAid™ 5405 is a highly concentrated and readily degradable carbon source that is balanced with nitrogen, and phosphorous (C:N:P = 100:5:1) and fortified with essential vitamins and micronutrients for optimal microbial growth. This proprietary blend helps boost biomass growth in nutritionally poor wastewater and can be used as a food source during turnarounds and process disruptions.

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