BioRemove 5805 minimizes recovery time after a loss of wastewater nitrification

The application of BioRemove 5805 significantly decreases a recovery time after nitrification is lost from temperature excursions and toxic shocks at a vinyl plastics plant.


  • Rapid recovery from nitrification upsets
  • Improved nitrification efficiency
  • Increased capacity for nitrification


The activated sludge plant of a vinyl plastics plant was often hit with toxic loads and nitrification was lost frequently. Through operational changes, the plant could recover in 3-7 days normally. The plant was experiencing an unusually long upset through the entire month of December that resulted in effluent NH4-N levels of 60-80 ppm. Critical parameters were in place, and it was determined either temperature or an unidentified inhibitory compound was causing the failure. The plant needed to recover quickly from the upset and called Novozymes for assistance.


Novozymes engineers designed a program using BioRemove 5805 to quickly recover nitrification in the system. Novozymes products are specifically designed for the complete two-step conversion of ammonium to nitrite and then to nitrate. After weeks without nitrification, the plant began a Novozymes bioaugmentation program with BioRemove 5805 for nitrification and BioRemove 5100 to improve organic degradation.


After the program started, nitrification was restored in just 3 days and the plant returned to compliance. The plant was then able to remain in compliance for the month of January.


Novozymes’ biological program was easy to implement and provided significant benefits over other alternatives. The use of bioaugmentation quickly improved the efficiency of the plant by improving the biological community. BioRemove 5805 and BioRemove 5100 resulted in:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Simplified operations