Sustainability knowledge and practices within business

Many of our customers look to put sustainability into practice in their company, but many find it challenging. Our long-term engagement to corporate responsibility has anchored comprehensive sustainability knowledge in the company.

We have strong sustainability knowledge within:

  • Integration:

    In Novozymes we have a long tradition for integrating sustainability into our business. Our Sustainability Development Board, with members from key functions of Novozymes, ensure the integration of the sustainability strategy in their respective functions while also bringing stakeholder concerns into the process of setting the sustainability strategy and targets. Learn more about how we integrate sustainability into our business practices and see our sustainability targets for 2015.
  • Sustainability as business driver:

    In Novozymes we work systematically with sustainability as a business driver for new opportunities and we want to help our customers do the same. Our biotechnological solutions can help our customers reduce raw materials and increase energy and water efficiency. In other words, we can help our customers create more sustainable practices in their business. Learn more about how to achieve costs savings and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA):

    It is becoming ever important for our customers to provide concrete examples of environmental benefits. We can assist our customers in providing these examples. LCA studies are usually completed in collaboration with customers and based on data from customers’ specific application of Novozymes’ technology. While we already do cover several industries with LCAs. It is an ongoing process of building our sustainability knowledge within this field.  Learn here whether your industry is covered by one of our LCA studies.
  • Building partnerships:

    In Novozymes we know that we cannot drive the world towards sustainability alone. That is why Novozymes is a member of various sustainability institutions supporting our commitments, where we exchange experience with fellow members and learn about their priorities and approaches to sustainability. Our participation in the Sustainability Consortium is one forum, where we exchange knowledge with other members regarding how to produce sustainable products. Learn about our commitments here.

We are happy to share our sustainability knowledge with our customers on how to drive the world towards sustainability.