Novozymes as a sustainable supply chain partner

Today, there is increasing pressure on our customers to act responsibly beyond company borders, throughout the supply chain. Novozymes is a responsible, sustainable supply chain partner.

Being a responsible, sustainable supply chain partner

In Novozymes, sustainability is integrated into our everyday business practices. Therefore, our customers can trust in us as a responsible supply chain partner. We have ambitious targets for our performance in 2015 on water, energy and CO2 efficiency.

Moreover we have a strong organizational setup in place to ensure integration of sustainability into all business functions. Our cross-functional Sustainability Development Board consisting of Vice President level representatives ensure the trickle down of sustainability initiatives into their respective parts of the organization. Learn more about sustainable practices in Novozymes here

Novozymes is a responsible, sustainable supply chain partner.

Our products create sustainability for our customers

Novozymes biotechnological solutions contribute to a responsible supply chain by substituting toxic chemicals and reducing raw materials and energy in our customers’ production. This has a twofold benefit: first of all, our solutions can support our customers’ efforts in creating a responsible supply chain management system. Learn more about how Novozymes enables our customers to reduce carbon emissions.

Secondly, our solutions can help our customers save costs on e.g. energy usage and raw materials. Learn more about how Novozymes enables our customers to reduce raw material costs.

We take responsible sourcing seriously

Our customers can think of us as a responsible supply chain partner because we look for risks and opportunities in both our in-house activities and in the activities of our suppliers.
Novozymes works with a comprehensive supplier program with integrated evaluation of sustainability, quality, and commercial performance. The system covers all aspects of management from approval of new suppliers to performance evaluation.
The objectives of the program are:
  • To systematically assess opportunities to improve performance and mitigate risk in our supply chain
  • mitigate risks in order of importance and opportunity

We assess new and existing suppliers in our supplier evaluation system covering commercial, quality and sustainability performance, with target coverage of at least 90% of total spend at all times. Significant suppliers have been screened on different sustainability measures such as human rights issues. As we develop, the ambition is that this program will grow into a supplier development and collaboration program.

Read more on our responsible purchasing and supply chain management program.