Sustainable business practices: How we work with sustainability

Sustainability has always been a part of Novozymes’ vision. Therefore, Novozymes is at the forefront of the development towards integrating sustainability practices into the core business.

Explore how you can integrate sustainable business practices into your business. 

In order to ensure that best sustainability practices become an integrated part of business, companies must look into a number of key decision processes:

  • How to organize sustainability in business:

    It is important to develop an organizational set-up that makes sustainability a business driver and an integral part of all employees’ mindsets. The vehicle driving sustainability in Novozymes is a cross-functional Sustainability Development Board (SDB) consisting of Vice President-level representatives from all key functions. The SDB is responsible for developing Novozymes’ sustainability strategy and targets. Learn more..
  • How to engage stakeholders:

    It is essential to know how to collaborate with your stakeholders. Setting up a cross-functional Sustainability Board enhances the possibilities to engage with stakeholders. In Novozymes, each of the Sustainability Development Board members connects different stakeholder groups directly to the strategy-creating and target-setting processes. As a result, we manage to minimize risks and create business opportunities with our suppliers, work closely with our customers to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the society with what we are best at: innovative ideas and  biotechnology know-how. Learn more..
  • From trend to strategy:

    To be at the forefront, any company must make sure that the next sustainability trends are incorporated into the overall company strategy. A best sustainable business practice is to have a formal process of trendspotting including assessing the materiality of these trends to your business. In Novozymes, the SDB is presented with systematic surveys identifying trends and assessing both quantitative and qualitative materiality of the trends. It is on this substantial pool of data the SDB decides which trends should dictate the future sustainability strategy in Novozymes. Learn more..
  • How to use LCA:

    When you have set your targets and strategy you will need to right tools to measure your actual impacts and progress. Life cycle assessements can provide the evidence of your sustainability efforts. For Novozymes it is important that our green claims and those of our customers are build on substantial evidence and concrete cases. This is why Novozymes uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies to assess the environmental impact of our solutions covering the entire life cycle from cradle to grave. Learn more..