How to organize sustainability within a business

If you are committed to integrating sustainability into your business, you must make an effort to organize sustainability in such a way that you take social, economic and environmental risk and opportunities into consideration.

The anatomy of a sustainability-focused organization

If you want to integrate sustainability in the organization, you have to consider the entire anatomy of sustainability. You can learn more by downloading this infographic "The anatomy of sustainability":


Five steps to integrating sustainability in practice:

  1. Build business – place sustainability at the heart of your business strategy
  2. Integrate, integrate, integrate – establish a cross-functional, high-level sustainability board 
  3. Link goals to bonus schemes – integrate sustainability targets into bonus schemes
  4. Don’t underestimate training – build sustainability competences across the organization
  5. Make success measurable – measure progress through targets and indicators

Organizing sustainability in Novozymes

Sustainability has been on our agenda for many years. This means that former hot sustainability topics are already a natural part of our business and management practices. More information about these topics can be found in our positions.

We integrate sustainability in our business at three different levels; in-house, in the relationship with supply chain partners and in collaboration with our customers. This combined with a general awareness of including multiple stakeholders has created a successful setup to organize Novozymes sustainability efforts.