How to use Life Cycle Assessment

It is important to document and support sustainability claims of products by using tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). By using LCAs we can help build and validate green claims of our customers and our own production processes as well.

In Novozymes we measure how our biosolutions contribute to more sustainable business practices. We use LCA studies to assess the environmental impacts of our solutions covering the entire life cycle from cradle to grave – from raw material extraction, through production, use, and transport, to final disposal or recycling.

 LCA studies on environmental impact


Developing LCAs at Novozymes

To understand the relative benefits of using Novozymes enzymatic solutions, our LCA studies compare the environmental impact of both conventional and enzyme-assisted solutions delivering the same benefit to the users across various industries, agriculture, and/or in private homes.
LCA studies are usually completed in collaboration with customers and based on data from customers’ specific application of Novozymes’ technology. The findings of such a study can be used directly for developing communication and green claims related to the proven benefits.

Case example from the laundry industry

As an example, a conventional solution could be washing laundry at high wash temperatures while the enzyme-assisted solution could be washing at a lower temperature with an enzyme added. The common user benefit in this case is clean laundry.


LCA study on laundry, detergents


Developing new products based on LCA 

Novozymes also uses LCA internally in R&D when developing new products. This is to determine the environmental profile of the new products before they are put into production and launched in the market.  

Four environmental indicators and three resource indicators

LCA studies performed by Novozymes address four environmental indicators: global warming, acidification, nutrient enrichment, and smog formation. Our studies address three resource indicators: fossil fuels, agricultural land, and minerals.

External review and verification of LCA

LCA studies used in our external communication are carried out according to ISO 14040 standards on LCA and are subject to external expert review or published in peer-reviewed journals. See our published LCA studies here