Social commitment to human rights and corporate citizenship

Novozymes' work on social responsibility is based on a two-pronged model: on the one hand ensuring that Novozymes' minimum standards are met throughout the organisation, while on the other strengthening Novozymes' role as an active corporate citizen.

Compliance with minimum standards - using “The Ruggie Framework”

Novozymes has a long-established commitment to support the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR). As a global company with significant production activities all over the world, Novozymes has implemented an internal set of Minimum Standards, based on the UN Global Compact’s principles for human rights and labor standards, to which every employee and business unit must adhere.

Each year the entire organisation carries out self-assessments which document how these minimum standards are being met with the possibility to conduct social audits to follow up on performance when relevant.

In 2011/12, Novozymes has also taken the initiative to further analyze and adjust our approach to Human rights in coherence with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights – also referred to as the Ruggie Framework. This means that we are making sure that our minimum standards on labor and human rights are an integral part of our business processes. See our position on human rights here.

Citizymes - Corporate citizenship in Novozymes

As a responsible corporate citizen, Novozymes is committed to dedicating resources to forward-looking community engagement activities – part of this commitment is our Citizymes program.

Social commitment to human rights and corporate citizenship
Novozymes engages in community activities, to give back to our communities around the world. We do this by making our competencies in science understanding and environmental responsibility available to benefit and inspire the next generation of scientist and innovators. As a world leader in bioinnovation, Novozymes has a tradition of contributing to biotechnology education. We engage in projects and partnerships worldwide to teach young people about biotechnology and environmental responsibility. See also 'Reaching out to communities and future scientists' under Socio-economic impact in the Financial and sustainability discussion in the Novozymes Report 2012.

Case examples: Local initiatives Below you will find various examples of how we engage with our community through the Citizymes project. Click on the map below to find out a little bit more about our activities, or go to the section on community engagement to learn more: