Reducing our water use

Water is increasingly being recognized as a critical sustainable development issue. At Novozymes we have set ambitious targets to reduce the use of water in our production.

Our long term target for reducing water consumption is: Improve water efficiency by 40% in 2015 compared to 2005

Our short-term target for 20123 was 35%

In 2013, we fell short of our target and reached 33% water efficiency compared to 2005.

Water efficiency was impacted by lower global capacity utilization following the inclusion of the Blair site in global supply operations, leakage from underground pipes at one of our facilities in China and product mix changes. In order to improve water efficiency and close the gap on our target of 40% by 2015, we have initiated additional water-saving projects, which can be expected to positively impact water efficiency in 2015 and thereby also reduce production costs. We have also started up task forces to analyze water consumption patterns and propose improvements across our facilities.

Going forward, Novozymes wants to account for the overall water impact of our technology from a life cycle perspective and improve our technology in order to contribute to increased resource efficiency. This explains our ambitious targets for water efficiency.

Furthermore, our focus is on exploring water availability and consumption scenarios in our supply chain.