Socioeconomic impact

Novozymes’ economic impact on society goes beyond traditional financial results. Our economic stakeholders include a wide range of stakeholder groups such as suppliers, authorities, employees, and local communities.

Distribution of value to society

It is important for Novozymes to make a positive contribution in the countries where we operate. Our economic contributions consist of taxes, duties, VAT, employee taxes, employee pension and benefit programs, procurement from local vendors and development of workforce, among others.

Annually we look at Novozymes’ broader economic impact on society at a large. We monitor and disclose data on who benefits from the value that we create as a company on a yearly basis: In 2013, 87% of Novozymes’ generated value was returned to society, through the purchase of goods and services from our suppliers, wages and pensions to our 6,236 employees, corporate income taxes in the communities, and value generated for our shareholders. The remaining 13% was retained by Novozymes to develop the company and ensure competitiveness and future value generation for distribution among key stakeholders.

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Besides our socioeconomic impact, Novozymes contribute to the local communities by making our competencies in science understanding and environmental responsibility available to benefit and inspire the next generation of scientist and innovators. Read more ...