Engaging with customers

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to our customers because of emerging legislation, the increasing need for efficient raw material use in production, and growing sustainability demands from end consumers and retailers.

Our innovative solutions allow customers to save water and other raw materials, reduce CO2 or replace harsh chemicals. In order to continuously improve our product offerings, we encourage our customers to collaborate with us on developing sustainable solutions that the world needs.

Engaging-with-customersNovozymes' innovative solutions are helping customers meet the growing sustainability demands from end consumers and retailers.

In 2015, Novozymes launched Avantec® Amp, an advanced enzyme product that improves yield and throughput in corn ethanol production. Avantec® Amp can increase corn oil extraction and significantly reduce the need for several harsh chemicals used in our customers’ ethanol production. See Novozymes at a glance in The Novozymes Report 2015 for a list of product launches in 2015.

Novozymes also made progress in 2015 in terms of engaging with regional customers. We were awarded the Golden Award of Best Partners by the Chinese detergent powerhouse Liby at their annual quality management conference, among a group of almost 200 suppliers.

In India, we co-organized an event on Sustainable Solutions in the Food Industry together with the Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India. Over 130 participants from the private sector, academia and NGOs came together to discuss biological solutions and partnership opportunities to tackle challenges such as food insecurity, malnutrition, extensive use of agrochemicals in agriculture and outmoded production technologies.

Novozymes continues to be transparent toward customers by disclosing information related to labor practices, human rights, environment, sustainable procurement and business integrity. This disclosure occurs either in the form of responses to specific questionnaires or via multiple sustainability performance platforms, where many customers have access to the information. One of these platforms is EcoVadis, where we achieved gold recognition level and were placed among the top 5% of performers in 2015. Other platforms include EcoDesk, CDP Supply Chain and the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) platform, which makes site-specific sustainability data and audit reports accessible to customers.