Engaging with issue-based stakeholders and initiatives

Engaging with issue-based stakeholders and initiatives

United Nations Global Compact
NZ has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2001 and a member of the UNGC LEAD group of companies since 2011. The 10 Principles are firmly embedded in its corporate values and purpose. As an active UNGC LEAD member, Novozymes demonstrates its support for broader U.N. goals and issues by engaging with various U.N. initiatives, working groups such as Caring for Climate, and regional networks in the Nordic region, India, Brazil, China and North America.

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
In 2009 Novozymes became a founding member of TSC together with Walmart, P&G, Unilever, Cargill, Pepsico, CocaCola and others. TSC convenes diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively to build science-based decision making tools addressing the most material sustainability issues throughout the product lifecycles of consumer products. Leading retailers including Walmart are using the tools to improve their supply chains.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
WBCSD is CEO-led, and the only global business organization that exclusively deals with sustainability issues.  WBCSD seeks to mobilize the global business community in creating a sustainable future by promoting the mantra: Business cannot thrive in societies that fail. NZ has been a member since 2002 and is active in multiple working groups including: Sustainable Lifestyles, Low Carbon Transport Fuels LCTPi, and Climate Smart Agriculture LCTPi.

LAUNCH (Nordic)
LAUNCH Nordic is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within the system of making and materials. Novozymes joined in 2014 as one of a number of core partners. Together with our US partners including Nike, USAID and NASA we will work to drive the global sustainability leadership and innovation agenda.
Engaging-with-issue-based-stakeholdersEngaging for a Low Carbon Future
Novozymes seeks to be an enabler of the low-carbon economy of the future. Novozymes is actively engaging in global discussions and partnerships with key stakeholders on a number of specific climate change issues.

On carbon pricing, Novozymes is a leading member of the UN Global Compact Caring for Climate initiative, and at the UN Climate Summit 2014 in New York, Novozymes was recognized as a Carbon Pricing Champion. Novozymes supports the UNGC Business Leadership Criteria for Carbon Pricing, which entails putting an internal price on carbon, engaging in responsible policy advocacy, based on national circumstances. Subsequently, Novozymes was invited to join the C4C Business and Investors Working Group on Carbon Pricing, whose mandate is to drive leadership on carbon pricing, and to encourage wider adoption of the business leadership criteria ahead of COP21.

On low carbon technology partnerships, Novozymes is partnering with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development’s Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative, which aims to scale up the development and diffusion of low-carbon technologies and business solutions. It will also identify the barriers that currently prevent solutions from being scaled up, and will formulate clear policy recommendations for each technology. The company is actively participating in two key workstreams - Climate Smart Agriculture and Low Carbon Fuels.

More broadly, with the inter-linkages between climate change and sustainable development, Novozymes is also actively engaged with International Chamber of Commerce and its leadership of global business in support of the 2030 Development Agenda.

Sustainable Energy for All

Novozymes’ Partnering for Impact strategy has reinforced our strong support for the Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4All). Led by the World Bank and the United Nations, SE4All aims to ensure universal access to modern energy services, double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency and double the share of renewables in the global energy mix by 2030.

In May 2015, the Sustainable Bioenergy High Impact Opportunity was officially instituted at the 2nd Annual SE4All Forum. Known as the Sustainable Bioenergy Group (SBG), this partnership is co-chaired by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels. Novozymes is a founding member and sponsors the SBG Secretariat. We played an instrumental role in recruiting members for the Steering Committee and getting this partnership off the ground.

The SBG aims to identify opportunities and deliver sustainable solutions for bioenergy, with a focus on emerging markets and rural communities in developing countries. Its key objectives are to support knowledge enhancement, information sharing, policy development and technology deployment.

In September 2015, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson recognized the efforts of Novozymes and the SBG as an example of the kind of strong partnership the world needs to drive progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 7. This recognition was enhanced in October 2015 when key partners at the Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi), one of the official flagship initiatives of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda for COP21, articulated their support for the SBG to serve as the lead international platform for multistakeholder collaboration on low-carbon fuels. Learn more.