Peer review - UNGC communication on progress 2012

We aim to constantly improve both our sustainability approach and reporting. This year Novozymes has therefore engaged in a COP peer review process with other UN Global Compact LEAD members.

​We believe that we can always learn from peers. At the start of 2013 Novozymes therefore engaged in a CoP peer review facilitated by KPMG and the UNGC Nordic Network to gain input and inspiration for evolving our commitment and practices. The peer review group consisted of A.P. Møller - Maersk, Vestas, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes – all Global Compact LEAD members. For Novozymes, the outcome of the process was fruitful inspiration and constructive feedback on both our approach to sustainability and our reporting. Below are some highlights from the feedback that Novozymes received in the review.

Areas of best practice
Novozymes was complimented by its peers for the clear and logical structure of the COP, providing a good overview of our activities and engagements of relevance to UNGC LEAD and the principles.

Furthermore, our peers considered Novozymes’ inclusion of a sustainability materiality overview in the COP as an example of best practice, making it clear to the reader to what extent the various themes and issues are relevant to Novozymes’ business.
Improvement points
Our three peers recommended that Novozymes should leverage the materiality overview, e.g., by highlighting the materiality assessment of the specific UNGC principles.

Novozymes was also encouraged to elaborate on outcomes of activities and/or processes of relevance to the UNGC principles.

Finally, our peers found that Novozymes should, to a greater extent, include and elaborate on dilemmas and challenges related to the UNGC principles and our business activities, in order to provide a more balanced picture in our communication to stakeholders.

Novozymes’ response to the feedback
Novozymes is grateful for the constructive feedback and concrete ideas for improvement received from the CoP peer review group, and is committed to taking forward the suggestions for improvement.

As an example, we will leverage our materiality overview as suggested by the peer group. More specifically, we are planning to further align the materiality process with internal strategy development and reporting processes, and to use it more actively in communication. When developing the next CoP, we will also to a greater extent consider including dilemmas of relevance to the various principles.