Peer review - UNGC communication on progress 2013

We aim to constantly improve both our sustainability approach and reporting. Therefore, Novozymes has for the second year in a row engaged in a COP peer review process with other UN Global Compact LEAD members.

​Following its successful completion in 2013, Novozymes participated once again in a COP peer review process facilitated by KPMG with the UNGC Nordic Network in March 2014, to gain input and inspiration for evolving its commitment and practices. Our peers included A.P. Møller - Mærsk and Novo Nordisk – both Global Compact LEAD members.

We believe we can always learn from our peers and the COP peer review process this year was no exception. In 2014, Novozymes gained inspiration and constructive feedback on both its approach to sustainability and its reporting structure. Below are some highlights from the feedback that Novozymes received in the review.

Areas of best practice
Novozymes was complimented by its peers for communicating clearly and to the point on how we progress on the 10 UNGC principles. More specifically, we were complimented for our engagement in the LEAD platform and how we use examples to describe why areas such as human rights and labor rights have high relevance to Novozymes.

Furthermore, our approach to stakeholder engagement and thorough description of the same was complimented. The same was our governance setup, in other words, how we organize and carry out sustainability activities across Novozymes. Lastly, our peers emphasized how we openly describe our performance on the corporate targets related to the UNGC principles.

Improvement points
Our peers recommended that Novozymes provide a context for the information and case studies given in the COP report to make it easier for the reader to evaluate Novozymes’ performance as described in the COP. Our peers suggested that we include more company-related information in the COP as is done in some other parts of the Novozymes Report 2013.

Finally, our peers challenged Novozymes again this year on whether we could, to a greater extent, include and elaborate on dilemmas and challenges related to the UNGC principles and our business activities, in order to provide a more balanced picture in our communication to stakeholders.

Novozymes’ response to the feedback
Novozymes highly appreciates the concrete and constructive feedback from our peer group and we are committed to embracing and taking action on the suggestions for improvement.

In the COP report 2014, we will aim to make the context for our performance more obvious to the reader. This will include providing background information on our company activities and the markets we do business in to provide such context. Furthermore, we will continue our aim towards displaying a transparent and open picture of Novozymes by including more examples of dilemmas and challenges in relation to the 10 UNGC principles.