Peer review - UNGC communication on progress 2014

Novozymes is committed to responsible business conduct by aligning strategies and operations with UNGC’s Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

​Novozymes participated in a COP peer review process for the third time in August 2015 with peers from the UNGC Nordic Network; A.P. Møller-Mærsk and Novo Nordisk – both Global Compact LEAD members. For the first time, a peer from outside the Nordic region also participated; Royal DSM – an active member of the UNGC since 2007. The group shared perspectives on better practices and challenges related to the Ten Principles of responsible business conduct. The rewarding and fruitful discussions within the group is believed to be a result of a great group composition of peers with concurring values, wide global presence and a representation of different industries.

Novozymes sees great value in the learning from its peers and the COP peer review process this year was no exception. In 2015, Novozymes gained inspiration and constructive feedback on both its approach to sustainability and to UNGC COP reporting. Below are some highlights from the feedback that Novozymes received in the review.

Areas of better practice
Novozymes was complimented by its peers for the integration of the Ten Principles into business strategies and for the clear alignment with Novozymes’ new purpose, strategy and targets. Furthermore, the new COP structure - aligned with the Blueprint - was commended, which includes improved navigation, a more thorough description of Novozymes’ external engagements and increased transparency on the challenges and dilemmas related to the Ten Principles. The COP was also commended for the future perspectives provided, as well as the overview of Novozymes’ policies and position papers. Lastly, Novozymes approach to stakeholder engagement and the thorough description hereof was complimented.

Areas for improvement
Our peers recommended that Novozymes should be even more specific when describing progress related to the Ten Principles by providing the baseline for its targets and ambition levels. It was also recommended that Novozymes took reporting to the next level by providing a more clear description of how Novozymes measures the benefits of its initiatives related to employee development programs. Furthermore, Novozymes could be more specific when describing its environmental challenges and performance against targets. Finally, our peers challenged Novozymes on whether we could, to a greater extent, elaborate on dilemmas and challenges related to human rights.

Novozymes’ response to the feedback
Novozymes highly appreciates the concrete and constructive feedback from our peer group and we are committed to embracing and taking action on the suggestions for improvement.

In the COP report 2015, Novozymes will aim to improve the description of its targets and the progress made. Novozymes will also look into the possibility of providing a more clear description on how Novozymes measures the benefits of its employee development programs and the challenges related to environmental performance. Furthermore, Novozymes will continue to aim towards displaying a transparent and open picture of Novozymes by reporting on progress and challenges related to all Ten Principles.

UNGC COP 2014 report
Read Novozymes’ UNGC COP 2014 report here