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Facts about Novozymes ​Learn the basic facts about Novozymes - including financials and key figures - about Novozymes' history, and how to contact Novozymes worldwide.
Contact Novozymes ​Below you can quickly find the right contact in Novozymes, or the right information about Novozymes
Novozymes and biotechnology ​What is bio innovation? What are enzymes? What are microroganisms, and what are biopolymers? Read how Novozymes uses industrial biotechnology to ensure sustainable, industrial efficiency.
Management and regions ​Find out who Novozymes' board and executive management are, and where to find our regional offices.
Vision and values ​Novozymes has a coherent set of values, guiding principles and approaches which support our vision.
Positions and policies ​Novozymes' policies and position papers deal with our approach to various issues and topics, including gene technology, biofuels, detergent enzymes, environment and bioethics.
Brochures and downloads Find brochures, downloads, fact sheets, enzymes material, videos, and infographics.
Quality, regulatory compliance and supplier management
At Novozymes we want to be a recognized leader in quality management, regulatory compliance and supplier management.