Facts about Novozymes in India

Find out what Novozymes does in India, its research and milestones here.

Biggest supplier of industrial enzymes and microorganisms in India
Over the years, Novozymes has emerged as the largest enzyme supplier in the country, catering to requirements across industries. We work with our customers to optimize their use of raw materials and energy, thereby reducing the environmental impact of their operations and help them make ‘more from less’. Household care, textiles, food & beverages, oil & fats, baking, beverage alcohol are some of the key business areas of Novozymes in India.

Novozymes has a Solid Substrate Fermentation manufacturing plant at Hosur Road, Bangalore ; which supplies pectinases used in the juice industry for all of our global and regional market.

R&D in India 
Novozymes started its R&D activities in India in 2006 in Bangalore. The center was created to play an important role in our efforts toward discovering new applications and developing new products both globally and locally.

Since then, the state-of-the-art center has grown to four departments, namely Strain and Process Development, Protein Engineering, Protein Assay and Technology and Application Technology, and in 2014 it was recognized as one of the four global ‘Integrated R&D Centers’ by Novozymes.  As the Indian market is gradually developing, R&D India realizes the need for developing specific local applications especially in the food, household care and beverage segments, and we are currently working on a number of unique projects for the Indian market. R&D India also serves as an application technology excellence center for Novozymes’ global juice and wine industry requirements.

Shared Services Center in India
Shared Services Centres in India has emerged as an important centre for process optimization and offers Novozymes pertinent talent capabilities on a global scale. Today, Shared Services for Human Resource, Finance & IT, Patents & Licensing, Marketing Services, and Global Communication are being supported from India providing standardised uniform services to the global organisation.