Life at Novozymes in India

Find out what it is like having a job at Novozymes in India.

Novozymes India actively seeks to recruit and foster employees who will thrive and grow while living our company values and who are determined to work together to create a high growth workplace to the benefit for you, Novozymes and the world.

"At Novozymes India we hire people for a variety of job categories in science and engineering and business and business support.

GSKRI see Novozymes as an organization that brings together smart, creative and passionate people who wish to make a difference. We have very ambitious goals for the future as we want to change the world together with our customers and make it a better and cleaner place for all of us. To achieve these we need to further expand our teams, and hire the best people with right skill sets and experience,” says Krishnan G.S. , Regional President, NZIN.

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Every year Novozymes India organizes a sports event for employees which provides them an opportunity to get involved individually and as
play-on-zymerteams. The event is open for all NZIN employees and provides a platform for participants to demonstrate their individual talents in various activities. As part of the event, 11 different forms of sports are organized for the employees in the months of November and December.


Novozymes India celebrates its Annual Day christened ‘Josh’ in the month of January every year. This gala event brings together employees from all the three josh-eventNovozymes sites in India. The key attraction of the event is the award ceremony which includes presentation of ‘Regional President Awards’ and ‘NZIN Sports Awards’ to the winners. The day is celebrated by organizing team events viz. ‘Touch the World’ skit competitions, quiz and various cultural activities where employees can engage and demonstrate their skills.