Sustainability at Novozymes

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The planet’s population is growing, and consuming more – placing a strain on natural resources and calling for more sustainable ways to meet its needs. Novozymes is helping the world address these challenges. Used to manufacture of a wide variety of products, our innovative biological solutions improve the efficiency of processes both in industry and in everyday life. The nature of our technology makes sustainability an intrinsic part of our business. At the same time we maintain focus on improving our own operations and business practices. We aim at sustainability leadership in everything we do. Learn more about our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability is important to our customersustainability is important to our customers

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to our customers because of legislation, cost pressure, and growing demands from end consumers and retailers. Using Novozymes’ biosolutions, our customers save costs and reduce the environmental impact of their production by for example saving water and other raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and/or replacing chemicals. In order to continuously improve our product offerings, we encourage our customers to collaborate with us on developing sustainable solutions that the world needs. Learn more about how our customers benefit from our sustainable solutions.

We are committed to Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to integrating sustainability in our core business and believe in sharing our sustainability performance in the most transparent and accountable manner. We communicate through a wide array of platforms which has been acknowledged by numerous sustainability indices, awards and recognitions. Learn more about our performance.