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How do you teach the basics of ethanol production in a fun and engaging manner?

NZNA ethanolchallenge

The Novozymes Bioenergy team asked itself this question and found the answer in Ethanol Challenge, an interactive game designed to illustrate ethanol production in a unique way.

And it’s fairly simple. Players need to lead the superhero Alphie, an alpha-amylase, and his buddies through an ethanol production challenge, while learning a thing or two about bio-based ethanol production.

An ethanol production adventure

The Ethanol Challenge app explains the ethanol production process from cook to saccharification and on to fermentation in a memorable and entertaining fashion.

The game characters include Alphie, the alpha-amylase enzyme, Glucodor, the gluco-amylase enzyme, and Fermento, the yeast. Together these characters turn corn into ethanol by chomping down on as much starch as possible, converting starches and dextrins into sugar, and devouring the sugars to produce ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The game also features obstacles ranging from pH and temperature control to dough balls, bacteria, and fusels (a mixture of several alcohols). Players must challenge themselves as production conditions get more strenuous to find out if they get the same yields in the summer heat as they do during the spring time.

Download Ethanol Challenge on your smartphone or tablet now and look for it in the Google play and iTunes app stores. Let the challenge begin!

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