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Welcome to Novozymes North America.
At Novozymes, we work together with our customers and partners to deliver biotechnology solutions that improve industrial performance, preserve the planet’s resources and help build better lives. The only way we can deliver on that promise is through innovation. Every day we look for new and better ways to deliver biological solutions and build a more sustainable world. On this blog we will try to capture our innovation in the lab and in the community. Please come back often to see how we are rethinking tomorrow.


Adam Monroe,
President, Novozymes Americas


Novozymes North America Nov. 30 Newsletter

•Agriculture Department Announces Blender Pump Grants to 21 States
•Science Magazine Names Novozymes as the Best Place to Work
•Elected Officials Stand Up For GMOs

STEMville Makes Science Accessible to Rural Students

Across the country, small towns and farming communities are facing a challenging reality -- more jobs require advanced science and math but their small schools are too often unprepared to provide that education.
“Rural counties ... don’t have the same access to these kind of science and other sorts of educational programs,” Novozymes Americas President Adam Monroe told the Raleigh News and Observer earlier this year.


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