Franklinton, N.C. ? In tonight's State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush is expected to call for incentives to speed the development of ethanol and biofuel made from renewable energy sources such as agricultural waste. 

Novozymes, the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms, has scientists and industry experts available for interviews about fuel ethanol production and the latest research on converting agricultural feedstock (corn, corn stover or other agricultural residue/biomass) into energy. 

In 2005, Novozymes researchers announced that they successfully had reduced from over $5 to between $0.10 and $0.18 per gallon the enzyme cost of converting biomass (in this case, corn stover) into fermentable sugars for fuel ethanol production.  This 30-fold reduction means that enzymes are no longer the main economic barrier to the commercialization of biomass technology. Research and applications continue in order to bring this technology to commercialization.

For help in coordinating interviews, please contact Yokima Cureton of Novozymes at 919-494-3209 or 919-218-4501 or  Reporters on deadline unable to reach Ms. Cureton can contact the following company officials directly.

Glenn Nedwin, PhD
President, Novozymes, Inc.
530-757-4976 office

Greg LeFebvre
Marketing Manager - Global Fuels
919-494-3084 office

Chris Veit
Marketing Manager, Fuel Ethanol
919-494-3399 office

Humphrey Lau
Senior Director, Grain Processing
+45 44427004  office