Having made its global debut in Europe in 2009, Novozymes' enzyme Ondea® Pro has now been officially introduced in China at the International Brew Processing Technology Forum in Wuhan, China.

Michael Fredskov Christiansen, President of Novozymes China, says: “Brewing with unmalted barley and Novozymes Ondea Pro enables breweries to produce beer from unmalted barley and thereby save resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower costs. Once again, Novozymes makes more from less as the amount of materials saved is greater than the amount of Ondea Pro used. We're looking forward to working with more Chinese breweries and enable people to drink 100% barley beer in today’s China.“

A brewer can reduce costs through saving up to 12% of the amount of barley required to produce a hectoliter of beer, while enjoying new-found freedom and flexibility in raw materials. Working in a short infusion mashing program, Ondea Pro and barley achieve the same highly efficient wort and beer filtration expected when using well-modified malts. The malting of barley involves soaking the grain in water to allow it to germinate. The grain is then dried – a process that utilizes both water and energy. By avoiding this step, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. But the benefits are not limited to reducing the carbon footprint. The new enzyme optimizes raw material utilization, reduces the carbon footprint in one simple process, and helps to produce a consistent, high-quality beer no matter the malt quality, making it a game changer for the brewing industry.

During the forum, participants were invited to taste Clim8, a low-carbon beer jointly made by Novozymes and the Danish brewery Harboe.

Read more on our Ondea Pro website, www.ondeabrewing.com.