Today, 10 June, the European Commission announced plans to promote sustainable biofuels by setting up a quality-certification process for biodiesel and ethanol and clarifying the EU’s position regarding biofuels made from replacing forests, peat marshes and farms with energy crops.

“Novozymes welcomes this policy initiative from the European Commission as an opportunity to kick start the deployment of advanced biofuels in Europe. The technology is ready and there is no doubt that this biofuels industry which relies on agricultural and forestry residues and waste as its feedstock will qualify for this sustainability standard and stamp. We look forward to working in Europe with the Commission, the European Parliament and national governments on the creation of solid framework conditions for the development of advanced biofuels which can spur rural growth and job creation and emit up to 90% less CO2 than fossil fuels”, says Novozymes President for Europe, Lars Christian Hansen.

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