Local challenges call for local investments

In order to develop solutions that are a success for our local customers, we need to have a deep understanding of those customers and of their consumers, and one way to do that is to move into their neighborhood, and invite them into our new 'house' in Istanbul.  

By bringing our solutions, technology and know-how up close to our customers in the Middle East and Africa region, we are opening up new partnerships and possibilities, so we can share our world with them and understand their world better. 

Our commitment to sustainable solutions tailored to emerging markets 

Emerging markets have the greatest untapped potential for increasing the reach and associated impact of our sustainable solutions. That’s why we work closely with our customers in these markets to develop solutions tailored to their regional needs, trends and production processes. In the MEA region, we’re working towards an enzymatic technology to support fresh-keeping in flatbreads. And it’s just one of the regionally-tailored solutions we aim to develop for the region. Another is a solution that reduces the need for sugar in bread. Using less of this costly ingredient could make a real difference to the bottom line of producers in the region.

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