What is bioinnovation?

“Bioinnovation” is Novozymes’ way of strengthening our customers’ businesses, helping them deliver great products to end consumers.

7,000 patents

Novozymes has a long track record of innovation, starting in 1941 when we sold our first enzyme product to the then-fast-growing leather industry during World War II. Today, we are the only dedicated enzyme and microbial expert in the world, developing biological solutions that are used to produce biofuel, detergents, animal feed, and agricultural crops, among others.

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We dedicate 13%-14% of our total revenues in Research & Development, and hold more than 7,000 patents.

Why choose Novozymes

Novozymes works closely with customers to gain an accurate understanding of their markets and priorities, anticipate their needs and find the right solution together. Our support covers the technical, production and marketing aspects of the product. Typically, our solutions help customers to:  

  • Produce higher-quality products
  • Make new claims that differentiate their products and brands
  • Adapt to market changes, diversify revenue streams and reduce costs
  • Simplify production processes, cut use of raw materials and energy used and increase worker safety
  • Meet regulatory and environmental standards