Novozymes' Finance and Legal Policy

Our Finance and Legal policy sets ambitious objectives and high legal standards. Find out how what we do ...


We will work to improve our financial performance by setting high objectives for growth and value creation. We will ensure operational continuity through a high legal standard and thereby also prevent fraud and protect business critical information.
To meet our objectives:
  • We will maintain a financial perspective in all important decisions and relations to follow ambitious financial targets and support and develop our position.
  • We will ensure that our business is open, honest and in line with the United
    Nations Global Compact's principles on anti-corruption.
  • We will comply with international financial reporting standards and ensure that the financial and sustainability information of the Novozymes Group provides a true and fair view of Novozymes’ assets and activities.
  • We will maintain IT security and governance to ensure data confidentiality,
    integrity and accessibility.
  • We will advance and protect our business interests in compliance with the laws and regulations governing our activities.