Gene technology

Novozymes supports the safe and sustainable use of gene technology.

Novozymes finds that gene technology offers a variety of benefits which can contribute to a sustainable development of society including:
  • Better, more efficient, and cleaner industrial processes
  • More sustainable manufacturing processes for food, feed, fuel and chemicals
  • Development of new and better health care products
To ensure an adequate level of safety Novozymes supports that robust, science based regulation is in place for processes and products involving gene technology. Novozymes acknowledges the need for improving the general level of knowledge of biotechnology and gene technology and we will continue to provide information and engage in dialogue with stakeholders about our use of gene technology.


Novozymes’ use of gene technology

Today gene technology is applied across many sectors and in numerous applications. Novozymes use of gene technology and our area of expertise are related to the production of enzymes. Enzymes replace harsh chemicals in industrial production, minimize waste loads and reduce consumption of important resources such as water and energy, benefiting both the environment and society as a whole. Novozymes produces enzymes by fermenting microorganisms which can be genetically modified to improve the production process. The fermentation takes place in contained steel tanks. Novozymes uses well tested and safe microorganisms only. By the end of the production process the microorganisms are separated from the enzymes and inactivated.

Novozymes also uses gene technology to develop new enzymes. Enzymes are proteins, not living organisms, and contain no genetically modified organisms. 

Besides enzymes, Novozymes produces microorganisms for cleaning, wastewater treatment, and agriculture. These are naturally occurring microorganisms, which are not genetically modified. Novozymes also provides high-quality, safe biologically based solutions used by pharmaceutical and medical device companies to improve quality of life. These products are derived from microorganisms which can be genetically modified.