Labeling of enzymes

Novozymes strives to supply our customers with clear information about our enzyme products for them to be able to meet modern consumers' and regulatory requirements.

Product labels are the primary communication tool to Novozymes' customers for the safe and effective handling and storage of our products. It is essential that labels convey a transparent clear message on health and safety aspects of our products to ensure that our products are handled properly by workers and disposed according to local regulation.


  • Novozymes supports regulations, which ensure safe handling
  • Novozymes supports labeling requirements, which are operational for our customers such as food producers and retailers, and which at the same time provide adequate information to the end user e.g. consumer.
  • Novozymes acknowledges the consumers’ wish to have sufficient information about the products they buy in order to make an informed choice
  • It has always been a basic principle of Novozymes to inform all interested parties openly about Novozymes products and the way they are produced including information about any use of genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) in the production of our enzyme products. Enzymes are regarded as chemicals, feed additives or food processing aids etc. depending on applications. Enzymes are therefore in the scope of different legislations and we shall comply with various country and region specific label requirements worldwide.


The responsibility of labeling our products sold to the final consumer along the supply chain lies with manufacturers of the consumer goods and foodstuffs. As an important raw material supplier to the consumer industry Novozymes has an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders including legislators and authorities, food producers and retailers, the general public and the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) about labeling.
United Nation proposed the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for chemicals. GHS has been adopted by many countries. For example, EU has implemented GHS as the new regulation on classification, labeling and packaging ("CLP Regulation"). This regulation is applied to chemicals, as well as food processing aids in EU. GHS contributes to the protection of human health and environment, while facilitating free circulation of goods. In essence it reflects Novozymes’ own business strategy. In most countries food labeling rules require all ingredients including food additives to be mentioned in the list of ingredients. Substances used as processing aids are however normally exempt from this requirement.

GM labeling

In the case of GM labeling important markets such as the EU require that the GM-status of all food, food ingredients and food additives must be mentioned in the list of ingredients if they consist of GMO, contain GMO or are derived from GMO. GM substances used as processing aids and substances produced by GM microorganisms under containment are exempted. Further to label information Novozymes provides safety related information about our products in Products Data sheets, Safety Data sheets and via Novozymes Enzyme Customer Center.