China community engagement

Biomass and students are in focus in China.

Innovation competition 


Novozymes has entered into a partnership with seven universities and the China Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) with the purpose of interchanging and disseminating knowledge within biotechnology to make students more familiar and confident with the potentials of biotechnology. As part of the project, Novozymes took part in arranging a competition with the theme “Enzymes application in the food industry” in 2014, for the 7th year in a row. The competition was carried out with about 2000 students from fourteen leading universities in China.

Novozymes was part of the panel together with representatives from the 
universities and external experts. The outcome of the competition was the collection of innovative ideas for enzyme application in food industries. The winning ideas were forwarded to relevant departments in Novozymes for inspiration and trial and the winners were awarded scholarships. Moreover, the partnership further strengthened Novozymes’ collaboration with the partnering universities.

2013 Life Science Festival

As an annual activity, Novozymes organizes a Life Science Festival together with Tsinghua University and six other key universities in Beijing. The idea is to stimulate science understanding and interest in biotechnology. The activities at the festival include knowledge competitions, lectures, coffee meetings and visits to Novozymes’ premises. In teams, the students participate in the knowledge competition, and the winner team takes away a scholarship and one-month internship opportunity in Novozymes.
More and more students are getting involved in the festival and an estimated 500 students participated in 2013.


Co-creation through science

Through cooperation with several universities in China we have been able to draw on China’s long-standing traditions in microbiology. In practice this often involves Chinese students from, for example, Yunnan University in southern China working together with our researchers in Novozymes’ laboratories. Other academic partners include; the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, the China Agricultural University, Jiang Nan University, Fu Zhou University, Harbin University of Commerce, Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Huazhong Agricultural University.
In recent years, Novozymes China has also organized a drawing competition for middle schools. The winning students are invited to visit our site on the Environmental Protection Day to discuss environmental responsibility.

Distribution of biomass to farmers around Novozymes’ factories

Spent biomass is the organic by-product from our enzyme manufacturing. While all of Novozymes’ production facilities reuse their biomass in some capacity, most facilities have land application uses to recycle it. This means that the biomass is stabilized with lime and then used as an environmentally safe, dry or liquid fertilizer for farmland, as is the case at our Tianjin facility in China among others.