Science teaching is spearheading corporate citizenship in Europe.

Biotech Academy Virtual lab for high school teaching

Virtual_labNovozymes has been involved in Biotech Academy's development of an innovative virtual laboratory aiming at educating and inspiring young people to study life sciences. Biotech Academy for the Danish, non-profit student organization developing case-oriented educational material for the Danish high school for biology, chemistry and biotechnology subjects. The objectives are to create interest in the life sciences among Danish high school students and show that science and creativity go together. In the virtual laboratory, genetic engineering can be applied to develop novel enzymes for washing at lower temperatures, to produce and test medicine and more. The virtual laboratory is designed to give users an experience of being in a real lab through 3D animations and interactive functions, and has shown extremely efficient for both e-learning and inspiration of young people.


Making science fun

CirkusNovozymes in Denmark supports a science student organization under the University of Copenhagen called “Cirkus Naturligvis” (which means "Circus, Naturally"). The organization has the aim to create awareness about science for students in elementary schools (5th-10th). The university students from the organization visit public schools and give presentations in various topics related to science. The teaching methods are untraditional and will often involve "hands on" activities. The purpose of ”Cirkus Naturligvis” is to increase children’s interest in science and to give science teachers ideas for other ways of teaching. Each year “Cirkus Naturligvis” visits over 250 school>Learn more about the Cirkus Naturligvis initiative (in Danish).

Attracting the most talented future employees

Doing_business_inFor the past 6 years Novozymes has organized a concept named “Doing business in” where 30 high talented students with diversified educational backgrounds from universities in Denmark are selected for a two week study trip to visit a country where Novozymes is located outside Denmark (e.g. India, US, China, Brazil). During the trip they gather impressions of the company, the country, and business climate, and compete to solve a 24-hour case about Novozymes’ future strategy in that country. Each year the case competition receives hundreds of applications and each year several of the participants are subsequently recruited by Novozymes. The concept creates significant branding value for Novozymes, gives valuable input to future strategies, and recruits some of our most talented employees. In 2011, the case challenge was to present which opportunities within the ‘biobased society’ Novozymes should pursue in order to maximize growth and profitability on the Brazilian market. The case competition is organized together with Djoef (union and member organisation) and a consultancy house. In 2011 the consultancy partner was Boston Consultancy Group.


Science outreach to high school and university students

Novozymes Science Outreach is a group of Novozymes employees in the R&D department in Denmark that works to build stronger partnerships between science and high school students. Every year R&D in Novozymes hosts several Danish high-school visits, in Bagsværd, where students are given scientific presentations by researchers, round tours in our labs and are informed about our company, products and job possibilities within science. Annually 20-25 high schools visit Novozymes. In 2013, Novozymes had approximately 400 students visiting Novozymes. Based on student questionnaires, several students became more interested in science and science educations after the visits.

Novozymes in Denmark is also supporting the Biotech Academy Camp for high school students at the Technical University of Denmark. During the autumn vacation talented pupils from around the country are brought together to work with biotechnology in all its aspects, and Novozymes provides expertize in the form of teaching staff and inspiring technology.

NØRD Science Camp

Novozymes sponsors the ‘NØRD CAMP’ – a one-week science camp for children in the age of 10-12 – which is an initiative between Danmarks Radio (Danish national broadcasting) and the Danish Guide and Scout Association. On the NØRD summer camp the children are taught by the Youth Association of Science (Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening) how science with the help of chemistry and enzymes can solve imaginary crimes. Through interactive games and experiments the children learn how science is used in everyday life.

Bridging the gap between business and biotech graduates

Novozymes (Denmark) supports and teaches the academic course the BioBusiness & Innovation Program. The program is the first attempt to bridge the competency gap between business and biotech graduates. It is also the first course cooperation between Copenhagen Business School (CBS), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Faculty of Life Science of the Copenhagen University (LIFE) and the life science/biotech industry in Denmark. The program is offered as an elective course in the final semesters of master level studies of the three universities, including PhD students. The students learn essential skills in science-based entrepreneurship and innovation management in the biotech industry. The course provides students with the necessary knowledge on how to bridge science and business, and translates biotech concepts into commercial terms. The end product from BBIP is a business plan developing an idea from DTU or LIFE into a product ready to commercialize or submit to a business plan competition, such as the Venture Cup.

Collaboration with the University of Cooperative Education

With the objective to give young students an opportunity to acquire practical experiences within science, a 3 years education program combining theory and practice have been developed by Novozymes in Switzerland and the University of Cooperative Education (DHBW). The students spend three months in total working part-time in Novozymes over a period of three years combined with three months study-time at the university.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation wholly owns Novo A/S, the majority shareholder in Novozymes. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has two main objectives related to research:
  1. To provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group
  2. To make significant contributions to improve the health and welfare of people by awarding grants to research.
Each year, the foundation awards approximately 200 million DKK in grants to free and independent research of high international quality. Since 2007 the Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded 2.6 billion DKK to establish research beacons in Denmark within selected fields of biomedicine and biotechnology. One of these is the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) that was recently granted 700 million DKK over 10 years. This grant made to basic biotechnology research and education at the highest level is of great relevance to Novozymes' business, and the center constitutes a part of Novozymes' corporate citizenship activities. In 2010, the foundation donated 2 million DKK to different non-profit organizations working to improve basic humanitarian conditions.