Latin America community engagement

Biotechnology goes to school in Brazil.

Making biotechnology part of the syllabus 

Novozymes is committed to increasing the interest in science and biotechnology among children in primary schools. In Latin America we have since 2009 partnered with Araucária City Hall (Municipal Department of Education of Araucária) in a project called ‘Biotechnology goes to School’, targeting Elementary Schools (5th-8th). The main objective is to pass on knowledge of biotechnology and its benefits for the world, to students and teachers in order to raise their interest in and passion for biotechnology by making it part of the syllabus for the school classes. Every year, Novozymes trains teachers 3 days at our facilities in Araucária. At the end of the school year, a science exhibition is carried out by the students to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge. Science projects Biotech_toSchoolhave focused on preparing fermentation to produce bread and yogurt, and how to preserve food. In 2011-2012, over 3500 students and teachers were reached across 20 schools and 1 high school in the municipality of Araucária where Novozymes Latin America operates. Through the project, science classes are being perceived as more interesting by the students and teachers are being inspired to apply new ways when teaching science. Moreover, Novozymes employees who volunteer are excited to motivate students to learn more about science. Due to the success of the project, Novozymes Latin America will continue the involvement in science education and motivate students to pursue a scientific career.