Impact and measurement

At Novozymes we measure both the external and the internal benefits from our corporate citizenship programs.

It is Novozymes' overall ambition to ensure that the majority of Novozymes' contributions are made in the form of corporate citizenship activities. As part of our annual measurement, we therefore measure the split between business sponsorships, corporate citizenship activities and local goodwill activities (non-business related and not within the scope for corporate citizenship). In 2015, the split was:


This is a significant change compared to 2013, where the split was 12% for goodwill activities, 28% for sponsorships and 60% for corporate citizenship.  
In order to support a high percentage corporate citizenship, we promote and monitor the number of so-called corporate citizenship flagship projects including engagements and transfer of knowledge from Novozymes to the community within the scope of science and environmental responsibility. In 2015, we reported 13 flagship projects. 

See also Strategic Social Investments in the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2015.

Number of learners reached 

From 2011, we started measuring the number of learners that we reach through our engagement activities as an indicator of both our future recruitment potential as well as and our contributions to improved scientific literacy and environmental awareness in our communities. We distinguish between the number of learners in mature markets and emerging markets, as we are currently growing our business more in emerging markets and therefore increasingly depend on attracting qualified candidates and building strong relations to stakeholders in these markets. In 2015, we reached approximately 87,000 learners. This accumulates to approximately 210,000 learners reached since 2011.

Employee satisfaction and development

It is a high priority for many employees to be able to make a difference through e.g. corporate citizenship engagements. We monitor the impact of being involved in corporate citizenship activities on satisfaction and motivation as well as employee perception of development opportunities. We compare the average score of all employees with the average score for all employees involved in the Citizymes activities. This guides us when adjusting and extending the initiatives.