Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Novozymes' global GMPs are based on international legislation and cover all plants that produce food and feed enzymes.

Our global GMPs are based on international legislation and cover all plants that produce food and feed enzymes, including every step of the process from raw materials to finished goods and further on down the supply chain. The GMPs are mainly based on relevant legislation in the EU, the US, Brazil, China, and Japan, also taking into account international standards such as Codex Alimentarius and the FAMI-QS standard for feed production as well as specific customer requirements.
The GMPs are updated by our cross-functional GMP/HACCP group, which is headed by the Quality Management department. In addition, all sites are regularly audited by our GMP audit team to ensure that production is in accordance with the GMP practices, which is how we ensure the same high degree of food safety at all sites.