What are Life Cycle Assessments?

In Novozymes we use Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to assess the environmental impacts of our solutions covering the entire life cycle from cradle to grave – from raw material extraction, through production, use, and transport, to final disposal or recycling.  By using LCAs, we can help build and validate sustainability claims for our customers as well.

LCAs: Environmental assessment from “cradle to grave”

Developing LCAs at Novozymes

To understand the relative benefits of using Novozymes enzymatic solutions, our LCA studies compare the environmental impact of both conventional and enzyme-assisted solutions delivering the same benefit to users across various industries, agriculture, and/or in private homes.

LCA studies are usually completed in collaboration with customers and based on data from customers’ specific applications of Novozymes’ technology. The findings of such a study can be used directly for developing communication and green claims related to the proven benefits.

Published LCAs

Enzymes in general

Animal Feed



Food & Beverages

Household Care


Pulp & Paper