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- We are on a mission

We need to Rethink Tomorrow for the world’s most urgent challenge of creating better lives in a growing world.

Together with our partners, we create new, visionary products that can shape markets and benefit society. Our game-changing biosolutions solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges. Let’s rethink tomorrow together.

We are more than 6,700 people guided by one purpose

We are more than 6,700 people guided by one purposeOur purpose is to find biological answers for better lives in a growing world. But the first two words of our purpose are Together we. That's because we can't do this alone. Partnerships, communities, and alliances of the willing are the way to make a difference in a world full of complex challenges and large opportunities.


Where we are heading

In our strategy we’re evolving our core business and expanding into high-growth human health and nutrition markets. Through venture methodologies we’re also exploring tomorrow's key opportunities for unlocking growth – powered by biotech.

Why choose Novozymes?

Unmatched expertise in solving problems with biotech, an ability to scale up at speed and supply chain continuity. These are just some of the reasons you should choose Novozymes as a partner, to solve your challenges with biosolutions

Where we come from

From the beginning we have been on a mission to change the world together with our customers. Find out how a century of change shaped us into the company we are today and how it has enabled us to rethink tomorrow.

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Like our solutions, we're all over the world. Find your nearest local office and how to contact the people you need. Let’s get started working together.

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