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Enzymes and microbes can dramatically improve animal health and feed efficiency.

But with Animal Health & Nutrition, one size doesn’t fit all. At Novozymes, we match our world leading Research, Development & Production capabilities with the industry insight and global commercial presence of our partners. Together, we bring innovative solutions to meet diverse customer and consumer needs.


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Take the mystery out of phytase

Phosphorus is essential for animal metabolism, but is often inaccessible to swine and poultry in the most common animal feedstocks.  Adding inorganic phosphates allows feed to meet phosphorus needs, but it increases the cost and environmental impact of production.   
Phytase is an enzyme that releases phosphate from animal feed. Our phytase expert Lars Skov and DSM principle scientist Aaron Cowieson help demystify phytases by explaining their characteristics and product forms.
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Product range

Co-create the future of feed

The Animal Health & Nutrition products we develop with our partners enable more sustainable and economical livestock production. They include feed enzymes that help increase the nutritional value of feed and naturally occurring microbes known as probiotics that can reduce antibiotic usage in livestock. They also include a range of sustainable microbial solutions for aquaculture that improve water quality, reducing the risk of disease and increasing yields.


Balancius™ is the first and only broiler feed ingredient designed to unlock the hidden potential in gastrointestinal functionality. Balancius is a novel microbial muramidase that supports digestion, gastrointestinal functionality and improves animal performance.

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Alterion® helps to improve improve feed utilization on poultry farms and works as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.


  • Proven results from poultry herds around the world
  • Uses a one-of-a-kind strain of Bacillus subtilis
  • Works as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters 
  • Gives farmers better control over  poultry gut health 
  • Optimizes the feed conversion ration by 2-2.5%

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Ronozyme® is the world’s first pure protease enzyme for feed. These tiny wonders complement chickens’ digestive enzymes, improves protein digestibility, and makes more amino acids available them. 


  • Reduces overall feed costs by 3-8%
  • Reduces nitrogen emissions and greenhouse gases

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Novozymes PondDTox® is a sustainable microbial solution for aquaculture that improves water quality and reduces the risk of disease and increase yields.  


  • Prevents harmful buildup while removing hydrogen sulfide
  • Protects aquatic life and reduces mortality
  • Improves your crop’s yield and size

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Water quality is important in ponds, hatcheries and nurseries. Novozymes microbial aquaculture solutions use beneficial bacteria to help maintain healthy conditions naturally and effectively


  • Stable bloom throughout the crop cycle
  • Clean bottom levels due to digested bottom sludge and excess feed 
  • Enhanced yield due to the creation of an optimal and stress-free environment

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