The Ronozyme® advantage

Ronozyme® is the world’s first protease to help improve the digestion and uptake of protein in broiler chicks. For producers, this means lower costs and less environmental impact.

Solving the challenges of the poultry industry

As the first pure protease enzyme for feed, Ronozyme® complements the bird’s own digestive enzymes, improves protein digestibility and makes more amino acids available to the animal. 
Before this protease was introduced to the market, poultry producers were forced to feed broiler chicks with up to 4 percent more protein to achieve the desired absorption rate of amino acids for optimum growth. Adding Ronozyme® to feed allows their diet to contain less protein and thereby reduces overall feed costs by three to eight percent.

A great protease for a better environment

One environmental challenge caused by protein in chicken feed involves residual nitrogen emissions from manure. These emissions are an environmental hazard for the land, water and air.  Ronozyme® helps solve the issue by providing better protein digestibility, which means that chicks’ manure contains less nitrogen.
As a feed additive, Ronozyme® is unique: It reduces costs, it is heat stable, and it reduces both nitrogen emissions and greenhouse gases. 

How do Novozymes and DSM make feed more sustainable?

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