Fuel your plant's performance

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Fuel your plant's performance

Product range

Designed for performance

Our flexible suite of products for biofuels and biogas is designed with your plant's performance in mind.

The Novozymes Avantec® and Novozymes Liquozyme®  portfolios of alpha-amylases deliver benefits in liquefaction.  


  • 70-90% lower nitrogen inputs
  • Up to 15% more corn oil yield
  • 2-3% ethanol yield improvement
  • Significant viscosity enhancement
  • Optimized throughput improvement
  • Total removal of stand-alone protease 


  • Low pH viscosity reduction at low usage cost
  • Reliable viscosity reduction for a broad range of operation conditions
  • Broad pH range – pH 5.0-6.0
  • Enables higher solids through superior viscosity break
  • Available in super-concentrated formulations 


The Novozymes Spirizyme® portfolio 
of fiber-degrading glucoamylases deliver benefits in saccharification. 
Choose the robustness in starch conversion and fermentation efficiency that suits your plant’s performance goals.

 • Releases bound starch from beneath the cell wall

 • 2% ethanol yield improvement

 • Increased corn oil yields

 • 2% natural gas reduction

 • Works well with longer fermentation times

The Novozymes Viscozyme® portfolio of viscosity- reducing xylanases deliver  benefits in process enhancement.

 • Superior viscosity reduction above 80°C

 • Heat stable xylanase for viscosity reduction

 • Higher ethanol production

 • Lower operating costs

 • Flexible temperature use below 80°C 

Novozymes Eversa® is an enzymatic alternative for biodiesel production.  
With Eversa®, sulphuric acid is unnecessary, even for biodiesel feedstocks with high free fatty acids (FFAs) like palm oil.  
Eversa® also delivers  additional benefits in biodiesel production.

 • Suited for high FFA levels

 • Eliminates need for sulphuric acid and sodium methoxide

 • Feedstock flexibility

 • Lower energy and methanol costs

 • Higher yields or higher capacity

 • Increased safety

 • Higher-quality glycerin 

Novozymes BG Max® is a unique microbial biogas production product that:

 • Improves biogas production by 37% for an improved energy balance

 • Reduces operating costs

 • Improves performance

 • Simplifies operations

 • Improves cost-effectiveness 

Novozymes’ new yeast, Innova® Drive, puts you in control, eliminating the operational stress created by your yeast.

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  • Maintain ethanol production through high organic acid events
  • Reliably produce ethanol at temperature excursions up to 98°F
  • Run faster fermentations at higher solids
  • Expresses advanced glucoamylase to maximize starch conversion, with two times the performance of other yeasts

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Terms like "big data" and "data analytics" signal big changes for the ethanol industry. Some plants might be unprepared for them.
Big data may be old news to us…but there’s a revolution happening in the tools available to analyze it. Based on his 30-plus years of experience in the industry, principal scientist Frank Moore believes that the true change is about rapid, real-time tracking and analysis made possible by new tools.