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Designed for performance

Our flexible suite of products for biofuels and biogas is designed with your plant's performance in mind.

The Avantec® range of alpha-amylases for liquefaction helps plants improve their liquefication and fermentation processes.

  • Higher starch ethanol yield
  • Viscosity reduction for increased throughput
  • Better corn ethanol yield
  • Improved nutrition during ethanol fermentation
  • Optimized throughput improvement

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Cellic® helps plant owners optimize their processes when producing fermentable sugars and ethanol derived from cellulosic feedstocks.

  • Reduction in ethanol production costs
  • Impressive process and substrate versatility
  • Increased biomass-to-sugar conversion
  • Decrease in enzyme dosing
  • Solid loading increase
  • Hydrolysis time reduction
  • Reduction in pre-treatment severity

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With Novozymes’ Fortiva®, you have the capability to solubilize untapped, difficult starch, so you can release more sugars while also running a more efficient and flexible production process.

  • Improve ethanol yield
  • Solubilize more starch 
  • Increase corn oil production
  • Broad temperature performance from 185°F-195°F, optimized to 195°F

Novozymes Innova® platform of highly stress tolerant yeasts puts you in control, reducing operational stress created by your yeast. 

  • *New* If your fermentation time is >52 hours, learn more about Innova® Force here
  • If your fermentation time is <57 hours click here - Innova® Drive
  • For the reduction of fermentation risks with non-GM yeasts click here – Innova® Fit


  • Reliably produce ethanol at temperature excursions up to 98°F
  • Maintain ethanol production when organic acid events occur
  • Convert more starch with a powerful expressed glucoamylase and companion enzyme blends 


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Liquozyme® is a range of eight alpha-amalyses for liquefaction that allow for an efficient biofuel production process.

  • A pH 5.0 – 6.0 range
  • Super-concentrated formulations
  • Higher solid handling capabilities
  • Decrease in enzyme dosing
  • No need for added calcium

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Spirizyme® is a range of glucoamylases that work to break down hard-to-reach corn fiber and enhance performance in ethanol production.

  • Lowest level of residual starch
  • Greatest possible DP2 and sugar conversion
  • Solutions for diverse operating conditions

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Viscozyme® decreases energy use by saving water that would otherwise be used to dilute and handle the mash.

  • Superior viscosity reduction
  • Raw material choice of wheat, triticale, barley and rye
  • Greater ethanol fuel output due to more dry matter in the     mash
  • Lower operating costs
  • Flexible temperature use
  • Customized solutions to make the most of your plant design     and operations

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New tools for old tasks

Terms like "big data" and "data analytics" signal big changes for the ethanol industry. Some plants might be unprepared for them.
Big data may be old news to us…but there’s a revolution happening in the tools available to analyze it. Based on his 30-plus years of experience in the industry, principal scientist Frank Moore believes that the true change is about rapid, real-time tracking and analysis made possible by new tools. 
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Biorefining report

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