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Designed for performance

Our flexible suite of products for biofuels and biogas is designed with your plant's performance in mind.

The Avantec® range of alpha-amylases for liquefaction helps plants improve their liquefication and fermentation processes.

  • Higher starch ethanol yield
  • Viscosity reduction for increased throughput
  • Better corn ethanol yield
  • Improved nutrition during ethanol fermentation
  • Optimized throughput improvement

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Cellic® helps plant owners optimize their processes when producing fermentable sugars and ethanol derived from cellulosic feedstocks.

  • Reduction in ethanol production costs
  • Impressive process and substrate versatility
  • Increased biomass-to-sugar conversion
  • Decrease in enzyme dosing
  • Solid loading increase
  • Hydrolysis time reduction
  • Reduction in pre-treatment severity

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With Novozymes’ Fortiva®, you have the capability to solubilize untapped, difficult starch, so you can release more sugars while also running a more efficient and flexible production process.

  • Improve ethanol yield
  • Solubilize more starch 
  • Increase corn oil production
  • Broad temperature performance from 185°F-195°F, optimized to 195°F

Novozymes Innova® platform of highly stress tolerant yeasts puts you in control, reducing operational stress created by your yeast. 

  • *New* If your fermentation time is >52 hours, learn more about Innova® Force here
  • If your fermentation time is <57 hours click here - Innova® Drive
  • For the reduction of fermentation risks with non-GM yeasts click here – Innova® Fit


  • Reliably produce ethanol at temperature excursions up to 98°F
  • Maintain ethanol production when organic acid events occur
  • Convert more starch with a powerful expressed glucoamylase and companion enzyme blends 


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Liquozyme® is a range of eight alpha-amalyses for liquefaction that allow for an efficient biofuel production process.

  • A pH 5.0 – 6.0 range
  • Super-concentrated formulations
  • Higher solid handling capabilities
  • Decrease in enzyme dosing
  • No need for added calcium

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Spirizyme® is a range of glucoamylases that work to break down hard-to-reach corn fiber and enhance performance in ethanol production.

  • Lowest level of residual starch
  • Greatest possible DP2 and sugar conversion
  • Solutions for diverse operating conditions

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Viscozyme® decreases energy use by saving water that would otherwise be used to dilute and handle the mash.

  • Superior viscosity reduction
  • Raw material choice of wheat, triticale, barley and rye
  • Greater ethanol fuel output due to more dry matter in the     mash
  • Lower operating costs
  • Flexible temperature use
  • Customized solutions to make the most of your plant design     and operations

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