Novozymes Innova® Lift puts you in control, eliminating operational stress while delivering significant performance improvements for your ethanol plants with fermentation times >57 hours.

A yeast evolved for ethanol production

By using Innova® Lift — a yeast that’s been developed specifically to improve the production of ethanol — you’ll achieve your production goals without making significant process changes.
With Innova® Lift, you can ferment consistently despite spikes in lactic acid levels or when temperature excursions occur. And, this yeast does not need expensive “yeast food” in order to flourish.
This completely new yeast strain — free of the restraints of other yeasts — is better able to power through bacterial contamination, process upsets, and stressful production conditions common in this industry. With Innova® Lift, you can improve your plant’s overall efficiency.

Innova® Lift by the Numbers

98°F/~37°C – Using a yeast developed specifically to thrive at temperature excursions up to 98°F/~37°C, you’ll diminish downtime, cut cooling costs, and increase plant efficiency and output in any season.

0.4% – Our yeast strain is designed to remain viable in challenging environments, so you can finish fermentations even when acid levels rise as high as 0.4%.

2-4% – The combination of Innova® Lift’s powerful  expressed glucoamylase and companion enzyme blend can significantly enhance ethanol yield in comparison to conventional dry yeast.

100% –Innova® Lift enables a 100% reduction in “yeast food” and can significantly decrease the need for urea.

Getting more out of your fermentation

Innova® Lift yeast produces a novel, higher-performing glucoamylase during the fermentation process. This glucoamylase is two times as effective at starch conversion as the glucoamylases produced by other advanced  yeast products.
This glucoamylase works in tandem with our Innova® Lift companion enzyme blend to maximize starch conversion.
For ethanol producers, Innova® Lift helps eliminate production bottlenecks and improve a plant’s overall efficiency. It’s a game-changing solution for the starch-based ethanol industry and a new standard for fermentation performance.

Find out more about Innova® Lift, our advanced yeast technology for ethanol plants with fermentation times of >57 hours.

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