Innova® Drive

Faster. Tougher. More control.

Novozymes' new yeast, Innova® Drive, puts you in control, eliminating the operational stress created by your yeast.

Your continued success depends on optimizing and expanding your business in a tough market. By using Innova® Drive—a yeast that’s been evolved specifically to improve the production of ethanol—you’ll achieve your production goals without making significant process changes. 

With Innova® Drive, you’ll be able to ferment consistently with higher solids despite high concentrations of organic acids and elevated temperatures. Bred to withstand the rigors of heavy duty, hard-running plants, this yeast easily drives through challenges ethanol production can bring— without sacrificing yield.
This completely new yeast strain of yeast—free of the restraints all other yeast encounter—is better able to survive and drive through bacterial contamination, process upsets, and stressful production conditions common in this industry. With Innova® Drive, you can eliminate production bottlenecks and improve your plant’s overall efficiency.

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