Probiotics: Nature's little helpers

Probiotics are nature’s miracle for animal’s stomachs. These naturally-occurring live microbes stabilize the gut flora of poultry, pigs and other animals when ingested and can improve animal gut health, growth rate, feed efficiency, and food safety.

At the same time, using probiotics helps save on resources and makes the animal farming industry more sustainable.

The Alterion® advantage

Alterion® is a probiotic based on beneficial bacteria that improve feed utilization and provide a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters on poultry farms.

  • Proven performance in poultry herds around the world
  • Based on a unique strain of Bacillus subtilis
  • A natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters
  • Allows poultry farmers to better control poultry gut health
  • Optimizes feed conversion ratio by 2 to 2.5 percent

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Novozymes and Adisseo

The power of partnerships

Alterion® is the product of Adisseo and Novozymes, two global leaders in the animal nutrition and feed industry. With their combined expertise, they developed a high-performing probiotic that improves both animal gut health and the feed conversion ratio in poultry.