Pond microogranisms: Friends or foes?

Microorganisms are single-celled organisms that are found in plants all over the world – on land and in the sea. Pond microorganisms include anthropods, bacteria, protozoa, hydras and algae. Ponds are teaming with these microscopic creatures, which live, grow and die in the water.

However, while some pond microorganisms are critical for healthy aquatic life, others can wreak havoc on fish and shrimp farmed in their waters. Typical pond predators are parasites, bacteria, and viruses.  All can put stress on fish and shrimp crops 

It is possible to maintain a naturally healthy level of good pond microorganisms by introducing beneficial bacteria that – when introduced to the water – help to maintain healthy conditions naturally and effectively. This leads to increased yields and profits for farmers of shrimp, prawn, tilapia, pangasius, and other water-based crops.

Pond microorganisms that protect and improve

The critical growout period

The 80 to 90 day period during the culture cycle of an aquaculture pond is called the Critical Growout Period (CGP). The water quality tends to deteriorate rapidly during this time owing to high organic load, reduced levels of dissolved oxygen and increasingly toxic conditions. With beneficial pond microorganisms like PondPlus®, it is possible to protect the shrimp during the Critical Growout Period, thus maintaining a high survival rate and increasing harvest yield.

A stable phytoplankton bloom is essential for an optimal, stress-free environment. Trials show that PondPlus®-treated ponds can be maintained for over 120 days (for Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp). Treated ponds were shown to yield bigger shrimp sizes, a bigger harvest and an improved feed conversion ratio.

Sustainable pond microorganisms

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Novozymes' PondPlus® is a synergistic blend of spore-forming bacteria that displace harmful bacteria by competitive processes.  


  • Stable bloom throughout the crop cycle
  • Clean bottom levels due to digested bottom sludge and excess feed 
  • Enhanced yield due to the creation of an optimal and stress-free environment

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PondDtox® is the world’s only microbial solution that can both prevent and remedy a hydrogen sulfide-infected pond by oxidizing the hydrogen sulfide into harmless compounds.


  • Removes hydrogen sulfide and prevents buildup 
  • Protects aquatic life; prevents and reduces mortality 
  • Improves crop size and yield

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Pond predators

The problem with H2S

One common pond predator is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a gas that is highly toxic to shrimp and fish.  H2S can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds.  Studies show that levels as low as 0.051 ppm H2S concentration in seawater can kill more than half of a shrimp population in just four days. You will know your pond has been exposed to H2S when you detect a rotten egg smell and black pond bottom.
Luckily, something can be done to prevent H2S exposure. PondDtox® is the only microbial safeguard against hydrogen sulfide build-up, which it oxidizes into harmless compounds. The result is a healthy level of beneficial pond microorganisms, reduced mortality and improved growth and yield. 

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