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Novozymes PondDtox® and PondPlus® are sustainable microbial solutions for aquaculture. These pond solutions not only improve water quality - they also reduce the risk of disease and increase yields. 

Whether in ponds, hatcheries or nurseries, water quality is a key factor for successful aquaculture. Novozymes microbial solutions for aquaculture use beneficial bacteria that – when introduced to the water – help to maintain healthy conditions naturally and effectively. This leads to increased yields and profits for farmers of shrimp, prawn, tilapia, pangasius, and other water-based crops.

PondPlus® removes the enemies 

Novozymes' PondPlus® is a synergistic blend of spore-forming bacteria that displace harmful bacteria by competitive processes.  This perfect mix significantly improves the ecological environment of the pond and provides for a better balance of phytoplankton and beneficial microbes.

The result is an improvement in the oxygenation and nutrition level of shrimp and other crops.  When used in conjunction with good farm management practices, PondPlus® ensures good algal balance and pond color. The result is reduced stress and improved shrimp yields.

Are Novozymes PondPlus® and PondDtox® the solutions for your aquaculture farm?

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