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Microbial solutions derived from naturally‐occurring microbes like bacteria and fungi can replace or complement traditional fertilizers and pest control solutions. Novozymes microbial biocontrol solutions provide powerful protection against insects, disease, and weed pests. Our bioyield enhancers improve yields.
Increasing productivity

Close relationships make the difference

At Novozymes, we match our sustainable solutions for agriculture with our partners. Together, we bring innovative crop production solutions to farmers.
Novozymes and Bayer

A powerful partnership

“As science-driven organizations, Bayer and Novozymes want to use microbial solutions to promote efficient and sustainable farming – for the benefit of agriculture, consumers, our environment, and society at large.
With a growing world population, we believe in the value of innovations and technologies to enable a more sustainable production – and more efficient use of resources.
Building on groundbreaking innovation developed successfully between the two companies, such as the BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering and further global upstream corn bioyield solutions, we will continue to innovate together as core partners to pave the way for the next generation of microbial technology for corn.”

Actinovate® is a microbial fungicide that can suppress root rot, damping-off fungi and other foliar fungal pathogens.

Benefits of Actinovate®

  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Water soluble
  • Applies easily, with minimal agitation
  • Can be used in tank mixes with appropriately labeled                     products
  • Creates by-products to aid in plant health


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Acceleron® offers more complete and consistent disease protection; including:  

  • Unprecedented defense against Rhizoctonia and Fusarium 
  • Improved root and plant health 
  • Industry-leading insecticide combinations  
  • unmatched nematode protection.


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BioRise™ 2 is a microbial seed coating combined of Acceleron B-300 and Acceleron B-360 ST.

The first inoculant releases phosphate bound in the soil, while the second enhances mycorrhizal colonization which can increase water and nutrient uptake through the roots.

BioRise™ 2 is a strong example of the innovation in our partnership with Bayer.

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JumpStart® seed treatment can increase the availability and uptake of phosphate.
The naturally occurring fungus Penicillium bilaiae grows along plant roots, releasing phosphate that has been bound to minerals and soil particles, so this critical nutrient is more available to your crop. 

Improved phosphate availability: 

  • Enhances early vigor 
  • Bolsters root and shoot growth, supporting greater stress             tolerance and earlier, more uniform plant development 
  • Improves yield potential


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Plant treated with Jumpstart

QuickRoots® microbial seed inoculant products contain two powerful microbes, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Trichoderma virens, which have the ability to release phosphate in the soil that’s not readily available to the plant. 
By unlocking the nitrogen, potassium and phosphate that are already in your fields, QuickRoots® products help to maximize the effectiveness of your inputs and your yield potential.  
Greater phosphate availability can lead to expanded root volume, which enhances nitrogen and potassium uptake.

Improved nutrient uptake can ultimately enable optimal plant growth and increased yield potential.


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A biofungicide based on the naturally-occurring Bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacterium.

Benefits of Taegro®

  • Complements conventional fungicides and can be used as            part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Provides low risk of resistance due to multiple modes of               action
  • Application at low dose rates
  • Supports market access by complying with food chain                   requirements


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