Extract more value from available corn starch

With Novozymes alpha-amylases, you can get more ethanol biofuel and more renewable energy. These tiny wonders also offer improved starch conversion, which allows you to maximize your ethanol yield.

Make the most of your incoming starch with Novozymes Avantec® family of advanced liquefication products for the bioenergy industry.

Avantec® Features

  • • Higher starch ethanol yields than competing enzymes
  • • Significant viscosity reduction for increased throughput
  • • Greater corn ethanol yield
  • • Liquefaction protease for improved and more consistent nutrition during fermentation of ethanol


Avantec® is the solution for biofuel plants who are looking to ramp up their liquefication and fermentation processes. Upon use, immediate improvements will be seen in operating performance, including a reduction in urea. Tests also showed increase in corn oil production – even when eliminating protease.

Demand is high for renewable energy solutions. Get immediate gains in corn-based ethanol production, new operational simplicity, and increased profits with Avantec®, the advanced liquefication product for those who aim to do more with less.

Download more information about Novozymes Avantec®

Find out more about how to increase your starch ethanol yields with Novozymes’ Avantec® -- Download this info sheet for data on Avantec®’s ability to create more from less in bioenergy.