Innova® Force

Flexibility. Reliability. Opportunity.

This completely new yeast strain – free of the restraints of other yeasts – is better able to power through bacterial contamination, process upsets, and stressful production conditions common in this industry. With Innova Force®, you can improve your plant’s overall efficiency.

- Expand throughput by fermenting high dry solids: Ferment 34-38% dry solids and tolerate high ethanol levels in fermentation.

- Maintain ethanol production through high organic acid events: Finish fermentations even when lactic acid levels rise as high as 0.6%.

- Reduce plant sensitivity to temperature: Increase plant efficiency and output when fermentation temperature excursions occur, up to 104°F.

- Reduce costly yeast nutrients: Eliminate 100% of yeast food and up to 75% of your plant’s need for urea.

- Convert more starch to ethanol: Powerful yeast expressed starch scavenging enzymes and novel companion enzymes deliver optimal fermentation kinetics to hydrolyze more starch, up to 25% and 2+% ethanol yield.

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