Consistent starch conversion for ethanol production

Conditions like pH levels can vary greatly among ethanol plants. That’s why ethanol producers need enzymes that fit in with their unique operations. Liquozyme® is designed to work across a broad pH range and account for operational differences between plants to help maximize corn ethanol yield and performance while decreasing viscosity and chemical costs.

Reduce your chemical use without sacrificing starch ethanol yield with Novozymes Liquozyme®, the bioenergy industry standard for liquefaction.

Liquozyme® features

  • • A broad pH range
  • • Great process and substrate versatility
  • • Super-concentrated formulations
  • • The capability of handling higher solids
  • • The elimination of added calcium


Industry standard liquefaction solution

Recent achievements in bioenergy and biofuel highlight the importance of thorough liquefaction for efficiency in ethanol fuel production. Liquozyme® creates efficiency and cuts down on chemical use. This makes it the industry standard liquefaction solution for corn-based ethanol production. 

Experience more efficient operational performance with Liquozyme®, the advanced liquefication product for ethanol plants aiming to reduce chemical use without sacrificing corn ethanol yield. 

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Find out more about how the Liquozyme® range of alpha-amylases delivers high performance at low Ph by downloading this info sheet.