The sweet spot in biofuel production

What is Saccharification?

Saccharification is the process of breaking down complex carbohydrates like corn or sugar cane into monosaccharide components in the ethanol fuel production process.

It is the third step in the process of creating starch ethanol and happens during mashing. By turning carbs into sugar, the raw material becomes ready to be converted into ethanol fuel.

The truth about Trehalase

Trehalase is an enzyme that converts the non-fermentable trehalose into glucose, which can be easily fermented. This means more sugar that can eventually be turned into ethanol fuel.

Trehalase also makes up a big part of the so-called DP2 peak, which is the measure of residual sugar from a corn-based ethanol plant. The more DP2 an ethanol plant can convert, the more ethanol fuel it produces.

With the addition of trehalase, Novozymes Spirizyme® further enhances performance in starch ethanol production. This leads to the highest total sugar conversion in the bioenergy industry.

Fiber-degrading glucoamylases

How do enzymes help the saccharrification process?

Enzymes called glucoamylases are like tiny soldiers who fight to degrade fiber in the saccharrification process. What’s left after the battle is won? Sugar. This can be converted to ethanol fuel.

Novozymes Spirizyme® saccharification enzymes work extra hard to reduce residual sugar and increase profits for corn-based ethanol plants. This range of 8 glucoamylases is the bioenergy industry’s standard for saccharification.

Sweeten your ethanol fuel production

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Novozymes Spirizyme® is a range of eight gluco-amalyses for saccharification that allow for the greatest total sugar conversion in the biofuel energy industry.


  • A lower risk of process errors
  • Easy integration into ethanol fuel production
  • Customization options for plants with specific operating     conditions or goals
  • The highest DP2 reduction in the industry - Up to 70%
  • The most sugar conversion possible


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