Industry-leading conversion technology

Starch can’t hide from saccharifaction enzymes like Spirizyme®. This range of glucoamylases is built on industry-trusted blends that include fungal alpha amylase, trehalase, and in some blends cellulase, to break down hard-to-reach corn fiber and further enhance performance in starch ethanol production. 

The result is the greatest total sugar and starch conversion in the biofuel energy industry.

Benefits from Spirizyme®’s suite of glucoamlylase include: 

  • • The lowest level of residual starch
  • • Increased corn oil
  • • The most DP2 and sugar conversion possible
  • • A range of solutions for different operating conditions or goals




Your sugar. Our expertise. 

Novozymes’ technical field scientists understand your process conditions and can support your enzyme choice and optimize product dosing for best results. As a Novozymes customer, you also have access to our Advanced Laboratory Services and Bioenergy University, which can complement your choice of enzyme by providing insights and relevant plant training.

Simplify your bioethanol fuel production process with Spirizyme®, the industry standard for saccharification.

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